Meeting #11 10/22/2016


  • Opening Liturgy by Ijeouma Umebinyu
    • Check in : How are you and what’s 1 beauty you’d add to this poem?
  • Purpose: 3 month check in & moving forward
      • What have been some of the most valuable experiences / lessons / trainings / workshops?
      • What do you wish to learn more about?
      • What do you wish we spent more time doing?
  • Decisions
    • -Small documentary- DNA video, what did you identify before your results, what changed since learning your results, and how does that impact you?
      • What did you identify before your results?
      • How do others perceive you and how does that shape you?
      • What were your results?
      • What surprised you? And how did that change your perception of your identity?
      • Why is identity important?
      • How are we framing this: being indigenous and proud about it, undue internalized racism in Latinx culture, We are happy to,
      • What does it mean to be indigenous, what does it mean to be afro-latinx?
      • What do you love about being latinx?
      • Want to be in the documentary: Janet, Arely, Enrique, Eduardo, Diane, Doris, Bianca
      • *Group interview,
    • -Family Trees:
      • Barriers: Parents just not telling them, other family members live far away, small village–there wasn’t a lot of information (San Miguel , Guerrero), names of people change, grandparents died early on Dad’s side, dead ends with Dad side because of a family murder not even sure of names, my mom’s side I don’t have a relationship with their dad’s side
      • Genogram – this is me, this is parents with narrative about relationships, names and dates and places.
      • Individual meetings- what do you know about the brick wall is and what are the regions?
      • Three stations: expression, interviews, family history/genogram
    • History:
      • Possible upcoming sessions:
        1. Native Nations in Latin America and then some on US tribal identifications- 6 yes votes
        2. Mexico by state – 6 yes votes / 1 no
        3. Gender and Mestizage/ Mulata – 4 yes votes
        4. Human Evolution / population variants- 200,000 years of homospaiens, 5000 years of white skin (freckles are genetic mutation from when dark skin was becoming light skin)1 yes, 2 no
        5. Razas and Castas in Latin America – 4 yeses
        6. Global race mixing– 3 yeses
        7. Interview Methods (trouble talking to your parents) Best practices for getting folks to talk, keep it going, transcribing – zero votes
        8. Historical archives (crates of photos and documents on Chicago’s neighborhood) -NO votes
        9. Development & Migration / Bracero Program / NAFTA 3 yeses
    • -Story-
      • -documentation (NoDAPL, Ancestry, Chicago Migration, Decolonizing)
        1. Writing poetry, some performing, photography with vignettes (3 votes), handmade paper, writing piece, 5 page essay
      • Second City, Klonsky’s House: (Doris, Arely, Eduardo, Diane)
      • -Scheduling
  • -Closing question
    • Ultimately, what do you think our final set of “product / presentation” should before yourself, your family, Chicago?

Look up: Emory and Stanford studies about resilience and knowing your stories.


Weekly Assignments: Come prepared to be interviews by DePaul Students

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