How do we fight gentrification? How do we fight the capitalist notion that pits humans against one another in the pursuit of endless profits?

One way we do it is politically. We denounce new developments  meant to exclude our families.  We meet with local politicians and force a conversation about balanced development. We write our own public policies and organize to pass them.

And we also tell our stories.  Who gets to tell the story of our barrio? Who gets to define what our neighborhoods need?

We do. We fight displacement and erasure buy  telling our own stories and decolonizing our relationship to the truth.  Brown in Chicago is a project of the Logan Square Neighborhood Association made up of young people who grew up in Logan Square, Humboldt Park, Hermosa and Avondale–the gentrifying northwest side of Chicago.  We are angry and we are hopeful, and we are willing to work. Here are our stories.