Meeting #5 08/01/16

Goals of today’s session:

  • Introduce youth to the themes of science fiction writing as a tool for social revolution (i.e. afrofuturism, chicanofuturism, latinxfuturism)
  • Give students the space and framework to begin writing their family stories and get feedback
  • Go over DNA Celebration Day
  1. Check-in: What aspect (big or small) of your life do you think your ancestor who migrated would be most surprised about?
  2. Geneology and Genetics is ScienceFiction – On POC imagining our futures:
  3. Read as a group an excerpt from Octavia Brood’s anthology:
  4. 4) Practice: Writing Ourselves Into The Future (start at 2:30pm)

5). (If there’s time): Share excerpts, premises of stories with one another? And have a praise session

Below are excerpts of the stories students created today: