Meeting # 12 10/29/2016


1) Tell us something you learned about an indigenous community in your family’s state in Mexico, Puerto Rico or Colombia, Ecuador. Ideally close to where your family is from. Tell us something your learned about them from your family or from Wikipedia.
2) Bring an item (clothing, textiles, picture, clay figures, jewelry etc) that represents this group that you may have around your house. (Or take a pic of it if your parents won’t let you).

Share on these two points for about five minutes.


Meeting #7 08/15/2016

1) Welcome and purpose La Cultura Cura 30 anos de cambios
2) Introductions with check-in question:

  • Diga por favor su nombre y su pueblo de origen.

3) Powerpoint about DNA and consent forms

4) DNA swabbing, email registering

5) Dinner

6) Presentation from Barreras & then Kerry

  • Fill out form with names of family born before 1950

7) Q and A
8 ) Closing ceremony- poem and un deseo que tienes Por su hijo